Apr 16, 2024

England set to deny un-vaccinated old-aged people access to Stadiums.


The UK government is set to introduce vaccine-only certification for any venue with more than 10 000 attendees outdoors and 500 attendees for indoors venues.

The un-vaccinated adults will be denied access to Sports venues as the pandemic poses a huge pressure on the National Health Service. The purpose of this vaccine-only certification is to eliminate the possibility of an infected person transmitting the virus to a large number of individuals at the event. Fans would have to produce proof of a recent negative lateral flow test.

The government will introduce the vaccine-only certification immediately after the over 18s have been fully vaccinated. EPL Clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United have been conducting spot-check days before match-day to mitigate the risks of the pandemic.

The UK government is set to make the mandatory certification take place in full force in coming weeks.

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