Jul 20, 2024

55 percent of Chinese population fully vaccinated against Covid 19


55% percent of Chinese population have already received both covid 19 vaccination doses. According to the Chines state press, National Health Commission Spokesman Mi Feng said Friday that more than 777 million people are already “fully vaccinated” against the disease.

The commission mentioned that by to date more than 1.8 billion doses of the vaccine have been administered country wide. The Chinese government has only approved the use of vaccines developed nationally. The most widely used being those of state owned pharmaceutical Sinopharm and private company Sinovac.

Unlike other countries, China has not relied on vaccination as the main weapon against the pandemic. It has instead remained practically isolated from the rest of the world with an almost complete closure of borders and massive testing campaigns and confinements following outbreaks to keep contagions to a minimum.

Most vaccines approved so far in china require two doses, but one of a single dose and another divided into three jabs are also available.



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