Jun 15, 2024

Zola 7 Honoured with Coffee Paint


After a picture of Zola 7 circulated social media, a fan Ennock Mlangeni, saw the need to honour him while alive, by using coffee to paint his portrait.

Bonginkosi Dlamini known as Zola 7, was on the trend charting off baby Lorch’s news. Zola was witnessed in a video clip that had his pictures doing the rounds on social media, looking rather not in good health (detererating), with his body weight at its slimmest.

It was reported before, that the all time TV personality, suffered from a chronic disease that completely cancelled his career. He was diagnosed with sever epilepsy, and for a moment there fans forgot of him, until the picture popped up on the net.Enock Mlangeni painted of portrait of the legend using Ricoffy branded Coffee. His painting go appreciated with some saying it could be sold to help Zola get by, while a user stood apart and said Zola needs  money and not a painting.

“Beautiful art work bro but Zola needs money ASAP nothing else. Focus #Zola7”

Mlangeni responded, “An yet Here you are tweeting and doing nothing.”

Many are in support that the portrait be sold to gather enough to share with Zola. Fans say they have lost enough celebrities and wish to chip in as followers to be the change.

In the mean time, a man by Tumi Sole is in the quest to find Zola and help. “We have now received 2 contact numbers tsa Our Brother Zola & the wife. We will reach out tomorrow and have a discussion and report back here on this thread. Thank you to all who’ve reached out & committing to help.”