Apr 18, 2024

Letty Baloyi | Hyades cleaning solutions for South Africa


Meet the ambitious, driven and highly organized founder of Hyades Cleaning Solutions, Letty Baloyi (24). Baloyi describes herself as a young simple lady who was born and bred in Kwandebele Mpumalanga but currently resides in Ivory Park Midrand.

In July 2020, she founded ‘Hyades Cleaning Solutions’ an establishment that is a trusted complete service provider, with the commitment to provide the highest quality of cleaning services by exceeding the expectations of their clients

In this case, we see that self-introspective works. Baloyi decided to one day sit down and think about her talent or something she can do best and that is when she realized that “cleaning is my passion, I am very good in doing it and also I enjoy it a lot. So then I just decided to open a cleaning service company.” explained Baloyi

“What I did was I asked for business advice from the relevant people and I started buying my first cleaning equipment which was a mop and a broom, those two helped me to get the job done, it was tough but at least I managed to buy more equipment even though they were not enough.”

Times have changed, unemployment has spiked and Baloyi agrees that the future is being an employer, that way the plan will be to reduce the unemployment rate, contributing to the economy. Hyades Cleaning Solutions is still new in the industry but they are in the marketing processes that will create more job opportunities and expand the business to the level where they can get more employees, just as soon as they manage to work with more clients.

Hyades Cleaning Solutions currently targets working with Corporate Offices, Car Dealerships, Retail Enterprises and Malls. The most challenges they’ve encountered, is capital and marketing strategies. According to Baloyi, they are doing the best they can to get more clients and have also applied for several business funding, in order to receive capital that will assist in purchasing more cleaning equipment’s and chemicals required. The aim and motive for them, is to grow bigger in the industry and to establish more branches all over South Africa and overseas.

If you find yourself in need of services such as Residential Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Retail Enterprises Cleaning, Tile Cleaning and more cleaning, Hyades Cleaning Solutions is the service provider to get the job done. “At Hyades cleaning, we do not compromise; anyone who needs our services can contact us.” Closed Baloyi

0798515693 / 0609211794, hyadescleaning@gmail.com , Twitter: @CleaningHyades, FB: Hyades cleaning solutions , Instagram @hyadescleaningsolutions

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