Jun 18, 2024

Mapungubwe Arts Festival A Resounding Success

POLOKWANE – The Polokwane Cricket Club was the place to be on Saturday, during the major event of the Mapungubwe Arts Festival.


Thousands of spectators from Polokwane and throughout the province flocked to the Polokwane Cricket Club for the Mapungubwe Arts Festival to see exhilarating performances by a variety of musical genres.



With performances by Makhadzi, Musa Keys, King Monada, Shebeshxt, Pleasure Tsa Manyalo, Kharishma, Skomota, Mr. Post, Penny Penny, Dr. Thomas Chauke, Dr. Winnie Mashaba, Dr. Colbert Mukwevho, and Raja Combine Group, among others, the Festival got off to a great start.

The two-day event’s goals were to strengthen national identity and social cohesion while promoting the rich and varied cultural heritage.



Beyond this, the festival demonstrates and exposes the artistic skills of local, regional and international musical artists, thereby expanding their market.



This is in line with the vision to ensure that arts and culture contribute to economic growth and the livelihoods of the people of the country and Limpopo in particular.