Dec 6, 2023

Covid-19 Fourth wave expected in December


Another festive season under covid-19 lockdown? The return of pine apple beer and the possibility of spending December holidays in lockdown could turn into a reality.

Government has adviced the public that there is a possibility of covid-19 fourth wave to strike in December or early January, having spent the last festive season under lockdown there is a possibility of the horror year being repeated.

Minister of Health Dr Phaatlha has stated that scientists have adviced the state leaders that covid-19 fourth wave is expected to strike in December, the government is urging the public especially the youth to heed the call and vaccinate, large number of the youth in the country have not yet been vaccinated.

Drinking Mqombothi (African beer) in December can turn into a reality if measures are not put in place to avoid the fourth wave happening. Members of the public have long predicted that after the local elections government is likely to impose lockdown measures again.

With festive season highly celebrated all over the world possibilty of spending it indoors could affect South Africans tate of mind both mentally and emotionally, as many take the opportunity to go on holidays to celebrate after having had a bad year in which many of the jobs were lost.


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