Jun 18, 2024

Capitec Capitec Capitec!!! Fake Account Alert


Capitec Bank has sent out an alert to their clients to watch out for fraudsters who have been using social media with a Capitec fake account, requesting users for their PIN.

Scam alert! Fraudsters are pretending to be us on social media. #ProtectYourPin we will never ask you to share it with us in a DM, Online Form, SMS. Email or over the phone! Always check for blue verification tick when interacting with us.” Wrote Capitec on their Facebook page

It appears that a client who was having problem troubleshooting App, went through a Capitec Customer Service Facebook account looking to get assisted with the problem on hand. Nothing at first looked fishy to the victim until after being given a link that directed to a site that requires personal information including an ATM pin on something that looked like an online form.

Even after Capitec sent out the alert to enlighten their clients on the current scam, comment section flaunted with fuming users of the bank who fell victims to a number of scams linked to the bank. A while bank and still today, the well-known bank has been trending for money that disappears in the accounts without the knowledge and approval of the users, the app users have also sent out complaints after complaints regarding the app and many sending threats of leaving the bank.

Some comments read as follows: “Capitec you should be doing something about those online transactions that went through without confirmation instead of saying you are investigating and making your clients lose their money and they have to run around to get their money back. I’m definitely switching to another bank these December I can’t afford to be scammed.”

“I can see you guys are trying to kinda proof that you are not the ones stealing customers money, stop it man please try hard to attend to your customers complains. Deep down in my heart I hope this gets resolved because I have saved a lot of money with you guys and if something happens to it, MINA I WILL DEAL WITH YOU GUYS TRADITIONALLY.”

“If you own a Capitec account, you don’t even have to give out your information. They have a good way of cleaning their clients account.”

It is not known when this issue will be resolved and if the victims will get their money back from the bank. Many who were victims say they see no hope because when they asked for the bank to help they were told it is not the banks fault therefore there’s nothing they can do. We are waiting for the management to issue a statement on what they are doing to help the victims.

After all this is no longer only about the Capitec clients but it’s of public knowledge as everyone is affected and emotionally vested to the seeing the end of these scams milking out Capitec account holders.