Jun 18, 2024

We Will Do Better | ANC

A few years back when the African National Congress (ANC) launched its manifesto, the slogan they were holding and moving on was “Together We Can Do More” This year they are going with “We Will Do Better.” 

As the sun was ready to set, and call it a day, the ANC prepared to take on and campaign for victory. South Africans had a lot to talk about but what was at the tip of their tongue, was the ANC manifesto launch that took place in Tshwane Pretoria.

This year the manifesto was 28 pages long  and anyone who would bet what was going to be said before the launch, was not wrong. The ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa, took to the front as the party leader and like before, said they are fighting the corruption transpiring within the governing party. He said they managed and are recovering funds taken by the members who committed corruption. He said each and every one of them will pay for their criminal act.

The Economic Freedom Fighters party leader Julius Malema, touched the country with the EFF manifesto launch that took place in Johannesburg this past weekend. Malema promised South Africans free access to basic needs for the poor and everyone who qualifies, he said education is important and he will assure to it they provide free education. Now what’s left is to compare on whether or not the ANC may have touched residents.

Ramaphosa during the launch said as the governing party they admit to not having met all the needs of the people as previously promised, he said they take responsibility on being slow when it comes to resolving the issues people face on a daily base. He urged people to continue instilling their trust on the party, as they will work harder and wiser into making certain they accomplish everything that needs to be done, in benefitting the people who have for many years trusted the ANC to govern them.

Just as the ANC manifesto launch took place in Tshwane, the city’s water interruptions persist. Water pipes were claimed to be damaged, hence the filthy water comes from the taps of residents who pay to have access to this basic needs. Rand water and the city of Tshwane, are in quarrels as to who is to blame and what needs to be done to stipulate a solution. Nonetheless, nothing about Tshwane water was mentioned.   The members of the ANC resembled unity during the launch, sparking questions as to what about those facing criminal charges and suspensions, should the governing party still be trusted?

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