May 27, 2024

Councillor Tebogo Sepalo’s sex scandal


ANC Ward 25 Councillor and prophet, Tebogo Elijah Sepalo, has found himself entangled to a sex scandal, after a video of him naked, made rounds on social media. The community of Kanana stormed to the social media platforms, to express their concerns over the sexual allegations laid upon Sepalo, and to also add allegations.

It is alleged the councillor has been requesting sexual favours from community members from his ward 25, and in return offers them employment. This comes after rumours spread, following his sex video being released with whom is said to look like one of the members of the reality show “Umdeni” on Moja Love. Please be advised this video contains Sensitive graphics. Not suitable for under 18

More information has come to light, with snapped images from videos of him sleeping with underage girls said to be from his church.

Africa Newz reached out to Sepalo who cut the call after stating his lawyer is handling the matter and has advised him to not be in contact with the media. Speaking on Star FM, Sepalo has confirmed to sending nudes and videos to 2 women.