Jul 20, 2024

Xiaomei Havard believed to being a spy

Xiaomei in her ANC attire

Xiaomei Havard being a spy, could pose a threat to South Africa’s national security. A leaked intelligence report on Wednesday has concluded there is a “high chance” that ANC MP Xiaomei Havard. might  be sharing classified information about South Africa with China.

It’s not the first time that the China-born politician Havard, who in January became the MP to occupy the parliamentary seat of late presidency minister Jackson Mthembu in the ANC, has been doubted and called into question as to where her loyalty lies.


The state security agency raised concerns with Havard’s links to china and her access to classified information, including possible chances of sharing it with china and how that will affect the country’s national security.

COPE has expressed huge concern over the leaked Intelligence Report. Dennis Bloem, COPE spokesperson said this could have been avoided if the ANC was not focused on looting the state.

“The ANC is putting our country’s national security in danger. First, it was the Guptas who were given highly classified cabinet minutes from some of the ANC ministers, today it is this, an ANC Chinese member of Parliament who is a suspect from the Intelligence Services of our country,” says Bloem.

Defending herself, ANC donor and MP Dr Xiaomei Havard, said she believes that the leaked intelligence report implying that she was spying for china, is a smear campaign to discredit and sabotage her since they have been sabotaging her for over 5 years now.

“They plotted the distorted story, linked with several media. I am not a spy, I never engage in any spy allegations, only God is with me, behind me, God will punish all these mafias and their stories and put the evil to hell, I’ve had enough, have to take legal action against the evil,” she said

The South African government on Wednesday defended the country’s relations with China, following media reports that the ANC Member of Parliament, Xiaomei Havard could likely be a spy for the Chinese government.

Deputy Minister for State Security in the Presidency Zizi Kodwa described the media reports as “wild allegations” and distanced the agency from them.

Kodwa said the State Security Agency disassociated itself from what he said were malicious falsehoods perpetuated through the media, adding that they condemned the portrayal of the Chinese government as hostile to South Africa. He said instead, the report was meant to advance ulterior motives to discredit and undermine the integrity of the agency.

Kodwa declared that South Africa-China relations were built on solidarity, trust, and human dignity and that China remained one of the important developmental partners of South Africa.

The DA in response to the leaked report has called for President Cyril Ramaphosa to make the report public


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