Jun 18, 2024

Residents of Khehlakoni continues to search for Ditebogo Boke and Kelebogile Modjadji


The recent incidents happening around Bolobedu are alarming and leaves community members fearing for their lives, it is alleged that on Friday the 19th of November 2021 Ditebogo Boke and Kelebogile Modjadji, went out to play and never returned home.

Upon realizing the children are missing, the community of Khehlakoni went out in their numbers on Friday evening in search of them but with no luck as the children were nowhere to be found. In the early hours of Saturday morning community members picked up where they left off and continued their search, hoping to find the two kids.

The children are believed to be Grade 3 pupils at Bolobedu Primary School and the community claims that the police are not coming in handy with assisting the community find Ditebogo and Kelebogile. A community member of ward 1 Ngwako Kgatla has called upon the community to show unity. “This is the time wherein we must show unity, please, we cannot allow what happened with Sesi Dikeledi repeat, our silent and effortlessness is the only weak point that makes these people take advantage of us.’’ he said.

Dikeledi Sebopetsa from Seopeng village, was last seen on the 22nd of September 2020 on her way to work at Lerale Primary School, it has been a year since her disappearance. ‘’These children are somewhere helpless and hopeless, they need our unity, they need us to work together in bringing them home safe. Imagine what could be happening to them now, please guys let us shut down ward 1 and search for this children comrades.’’ said Kgatla in conclusion.

The clothes that they were last seen wearing are unknown and anyone with information is urged to contact: 060 828 2746