Jul 20, 2024

DJ Stokie Shows Off Newly Built White Mansion

DJ Stokie

The Superhero hit maker DJ Stokie, shows off his new white mansion, sending out appreciation to the Almighty for giving wisdom.

A picture with a white electrical fenced mansion and black gates, was shared by DJ Stokie on his social media with the caption ‘Father God thank you for giving me wisdom’ written on the page.

We cannot say we are shocked or rather surprised with such a post from the artist. Stokie has made a name for himself with the music he has provided to the people. You will remember Stokie with the line “Stokie o dangerous” on every song he’s on. The DJ has recently worked with big names and his songs have become frequent on music channels and radio stations.

Messages of congratulations flooded the post with his fans chanting for more success, addressing the artist as an inspiration to the upcoming DJs, also calling him a superhero, Stokie the Superman just as his hit track entails. “God bless you greatly grootman, you’re our inspiration.” “Well done and congratulations to you Mr Superman.” “Well done, Stokie, please pass that wisdom to others.” read some of the comment

Celebrities are not shying out on flaunting their success on social media for their fans to get a heads up on their achievement they are experiencing in their present moments. Not so long ago, it was the Limpopo born King Monada himself who showed off a house he has built that just got finished, a while after he was trending when his German vehicle got repossessed on claims of having missed on debt payments.

And now we see the Superman, Stokie share clear clean photograph of a beautiful home. His fans are very happy for him and they wish him more to come. We await for the next celebrity to showcase their current achievement.