Jun 18, 2024

Could this mean Adele is on the verge of releasing new music?


It has been almost 6 years since Adele dropped new music, and her fans are getting impatient as they eagerly await the release of her fourth album.

Previously the singer confirmed that 2021 is the earliest date to expect an album from her, and Earlier this year Alan Carr who is friends with the singer revealed in an interview that Adele, played him some of the songs on her anticipated fourth album, so this could be it, an album from Adele!

On the 1st of October, billboards with the number 30′ began to emerge in several parts of the world, including Dubai and Ireland, amidst speculation that Adele will be dropping her album soon, fans couldn’t help but believe this was a hint at Adele’s comeback, the reason being The ’30’ title follows Adele’s previous pattern of naming albums after her age, 2018 she released an album titled 19, 2011 released another one titled 21, and in 2015 the album was titled 25.

Canadian radio host Mauler also confirmed the news of Adele’s comeback after he tweeted, “New Adele. This week.” However, the tweet was later deleted. Many hints have also come from, Alan Carr, Taylor Swift, fan pages, and more confirming Adele’s comeback, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

A fan page called “very reliable insider “said that Adele’s long-awaited fourth album had been finalized and that a video for the lead single was recently shot.

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