Jun 18, 2024
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Ekusileni Hospital finally opens its doors to Covid-19 patients


An old hospital in Bulawayo Zimbabwe finally opens and take in two covid-19 infected patients after its opening was regarded Indefinable in May this year.

EKUSILENI Medical Centre finally takes in covid-19 infected patients following the Government identification of the Centre as one of the institutions that was earmarked to house Covid-19 patients in the city, after nearly 20 years of closure due to lack of equipment.

This hospital will help reduce the pressure on other covid-19 isolation centres in the city as they were running out of bed space. Since the declaration of an emergency, various stakeholders have donated towards Ekusileni through the Iam4ByoFighting Covid-19 initiative which has mobilized resources from all over the world to equip all health institutions in Bulawayo to deal with the global pandemic.

The ingenuity’s chairperson Mr Busisa Moyo said he was grateful for the donations that kept coming which has helped equip the hospital. As it is ready now after there were calls for it to be equipped so that it can open to members of the public.


Bulawayo acting provincial medical director, Dr Welcome Mlilo gave out a confirmation that the hospital will be only for covid-19 patients, and it is pleasant and smart move to have this hospital as one of the response measures.

Ekusileni medical Centre will operate in phases. “The 250 bedded hospitals will initially start off with 15-25 beds, then will step that up to 50, then 100 and then to full capacity” Dr Mlilo pointed out during his interview with The Sunday news.

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