Apr 18, 2024

BBM | Not Just a Pretty Face After All, Nale With Drama

So if you thought Nale was just trending and loved all because she was beautiful and may I also say innocent, think again.

Nale seemed to have turned the weekend into a whole new level, shocking her fans after her apparent cry for intimacy. Let put it straight, the Big Brother Mzansi Beauty Queen bust out in tears when she expressed she misses being cuddled, held, kissed, oh well you get the picture.

Oh now the party. From crying for sex to literally partying like there’s no tomorrow, or shall I say dropping it like it’s hot like Snoopy Dog. She twerked her way in and out of the party, from dance move to dance move I tell you.

Just as we thought, YES Mogurl is getting comfortable, shall we wonder what else alcohol is capable of, share a laugh with me when I say this, “Alcohol Will Show You Their True Colours” and let’s not forget the spilling of secrets with intoxication.

Anyway nice party nice vibe but ey girl…too much salt in there babes. From spilling the beans telling it like it is to Acacia “it’s none of your business” Bu and Venus becoming more close will surely give Acacia something to gossip about as soon as the cork calls or maybe even before that. With Nale holding the candle and between Bu and Venus and a 1kg bottle of salt on the other hand (imaginary) the Fear Of Missing Out kicks in. Remember when she cried for cuddles, Exactly my point.

From BBM channel to twitter, fans say they might start losing home on Nale after the stunt she pulled on Themba and the “I don’t think I’d fuck with him when his drink” line she said earlier on. That got fans raging as to out of all the people she does that to Themba. Poor Tulz, your crush is crying on your shoulder for intimacy and you can’t even take a move.

That’s Big Brother for you, you can never really say you know a person, for R2 Million Rand, I can be anybody and now we saw a shocking shift from am innocent Nale to Ms can of worms opener and drama. With many wishing for her departure on Sunday night, all we got to do is watch and laugh.

Big Brother Mzansi, Entertainment For Days.