Zuluish Kettle causing a stir on social media


A South African young black entrepreneur Yandisa Zulu,  has finally decided to launch his own branded kettle named Zuluish and has been accredited by Mzansi as an inspiration and stimulation to other upcoming African entrepreneurs .

Living in the 21st century, a free democratic country, one is finally able to exercise their rights along with their responsibilities. Yandisa is currently praised for his local branded kettle but some people feel left out considering the name of the brand ‘ zuluish’ which has so far turned one’s mind, raising eyebrows as he is the first black entrepreneur to ever launch and manufacture a kettle successfully  in South Africa.

People have been complaining and grumbling  as they have stated they feel left out, considering the brand name,  some throwing shades about tribalism , claiming those manufactured kettles are only made for the Zulu tribe until it came to Yandisa’s attention and  he directly preferred to explain and get into more details as to how and why he decided to give it that specific name, saying it has always been his dream to get into the industry with a long term vision, dream and a well functioned production all done in South Africa , a dream of a mere Zulu child from Africa in South Africa decently from KwaZulu-Natal.

As questions continued to flow in, he said, “I wanted a person from Doha in Qatar, Brazil or Germany to know it’s a South African brand just by a single glance. it will always be a dream of mine and many others that one day we will own our products, brands and companies as African.” He also explained that Zuluish is a combination of 2 words, uish is from a word, wish, derivative of the world, dream. This is a first time in history in Mzansi such occurs and he is applauded for such an excellent and mind-blowing work he’s doing and several orders are flawlessly creeping in as people cannot stop talking about him on the media standings.



  • Nosipho mlambo Aug 26, 2021

    Ya yazi nam am inspired to finally make my own kitchen appliences couse i have been dreaming of launching my own stoves and ovens couse my mom says i always cook good food ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Mpho Makwela Aug 27, 2021

    The way this website is delivering african newz for africans by africans is so amazing. Can you guys please revive your youtube channel i want to watch your journalist present these stories even if its one episode per week i promise you guys have a fan in me please think about this suggestion your journalists write good stories give them a chance to present them please.

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