Zola “Gate crashes” Casspers Performance


Kwaito legend Bonginkosi Zola Dlamini, interrupted Cassper Nyovest’s performance, with Cassper moving the crowd upon bowing to the legendary Zola 7. The crowd went crazy wild when Bonginkosi took to stage during Nyovest’s event, to perform their track ‘Bonginkosi’  together on stage.

Apart from the entrance, the highlight of the show for the audience happens to have been when Don Billiato bowed down to Zola 7 and giving his space for the crowd to cheer for the all-time Kwaito artist. With chills from the track Bonginkosi, the duo moved the crowd with their emotional performance, also taking to consideration it is a worship song.


Zola 7 has been on the trending list after countless reports of his life setbacks caused by his epileptic illness. Many chipped in financially to offer assistance to the artist, which is now introducing new allegations of him being addicted to alcohol and rumours he has announced to book himself into rehab. People are now saying such is why they feel helping a celebrity financially is a wrong move only for them to misuse the funds, however these news are still allegations.

Fans are nonetheless happy the artist is taking on to stage again and hope this would be his day to day to support himself and have a source of income. But also for their own benefit as Zola is known to motivate and empower through his motivational talks and music.

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