Apr 16, 2024

Zola 7 Pens Down Appreciation for Mpumalanga Festival


The Guluva himself once again took the stage and did what he does best, spreading a message through Kwaito music. Zola 7 was in Mpumalanga with many other Kwaito artists, performing at The Bears Palace Caroline Resort ok, Strictly Kwaito Legends In honour to Zola 7 Festival during the weekend.

Bonginkosi Dlamini took to his social media to send through his thank you messages to everyone who made the festival possible, he says the 2 days was a rollercoaster but worth while too. “How do I even begin to thank you? I went through a whole roller-coaster of emotions over the past 2 days I spent in Mpumalanga. I laughed, cried, smiled and was overwhelmed by all the love shown to me. Thank you for everyone who played a role in making this possible, it was amazing. Guluva Nation, ngiyabonga. Makwande!”


The area was packed it made him cry. According to Dlamini, he has been given so much love from people,more than he could have expected. The festival gave the new generation a taste of how Kwaito was in the olden days, bringing to the stage all the Kwaito Legends, the stars who felt and were mostly touched by the death of Mandisa more than many.

It is alleged that the Maskandi musician Khuzani, was one of the sponsors for the Strictly Kwaito Legends Festival, that hosted many legends on the auspicious day. As expected, Zola spent his first day at an elderly home, visiting the old aged individuals whom also showed him love beyond.

The line-up festival included: Mandla, Spikiri, Mdu, Slovas, General, Alaska, Mapaputsi, Jakarumba, Professor, Big Nuz, Drencko, Nestum, Doc Shebeleza, Mzambiya, Slovaz, Sbu Malawyer, Gumbafaya, Character, Mdu Masilela, 2.5 (kalawa), king of Maskandi Khuzani and many more.

This weekend, Guluva looked better regarding health, his weight looked improved as well. He did not let his illness come in the way as he sang his heart out with teary eyes this weekend. Can it be said Mzansi helped bring Zola back?