Apr 18, 2024

Zola 7 Appreciates Love Given


Bonginkosi Zola 7 Dlamini shows appreciation to celebrities, friends and fans who have been on the project of giving a helping hand and showing love to him. News of his illness taking a toll on him has hit headlines with many offering to help.

Tables have turned for the legend Zola who is known for helping people, giving hope to dreams of many. This time around South Africa came together on social media, in attempt of offering a helping hand to Zola, after images and clips of him circulated with many concerned about his health and wellbeing. While others made negative comments jumping to misleading conclusions labelling him as dead, he managed to post letting his fans know he is alive just battling with an illness.

At the end of the day people managed to get hold of Dlamini’s account number sending the little they have in saying he gave them hope and helped them when they needed him, now it’s time for the country to return the favour. Iconic personnel and celebrities paid Zola a visit such as DJ Cleo, Kwesta and many more, including MamKhize with son Andile Mpisane, giving Zola a chance to ride the Bentley, a tick off the wish list for the sensational hero.

In a thread sent on twitter, Bonginkosi appreciated everyone who was worried about him including the haters, saying his thankful that he was shown love while alive and not wait till his dead to say how good he was to the people. He further mentioned all he did was out of love and did not expect to be paid for the service, promising he still has one more Zola touch to offer and he will do so. Prayers and words of grace keep pouring for him, along with bank notifications of money being sent to his account. Ordinary citizens, fans of the icon have also chipped in sending screenshots of as little as R1000, saying they know it’s nothing but hope it will go a long way in adding to what is being given.

In the meantime Shaun Mkhize posted on his socials that they will be doing a project with Zola 7 and today was the begining of the project. Fans are requested to hang on to their phones for updates on the project and Zolas health.