Jul 20, 2024

Zetty Makamu pulls out fearing vandalism of schools

Zetty Makamu

According to Giyani view it is alleged that a number of unemployed youth in Giyani and Malamule in Limpopo have accused the Department Of Education in the province with nepotism.

It is alleged that the Department has hired the previously employed Education and General School Assistants in the current phase of the Basic Education Employment programme.

The programme is set to begin on 01 November 2021 and come to an en d on the 30 March 2022.  It is furter alleged that some of these EA’s and GA’s do no reside around the school and one of the requirements for the positions is that applicants must be living near the school.

These practices enraged the leader of young people’s movement Zetty Makamu and  the youth around the area to end  threatening to prohibit the EA’s and GA’s from entering the school’s premises on Tuesday the 2nd of November 2021

Makamu  had called on  those who were rejected by the Department or the school to WhatsApp him. Hours later it was revealed that Makamu withdrew from the movement, as he fears that the movement might end up causing damage to the school’s property in Giyani and Malamulele.

‘’I withdraw from the movement. I won’t be part of those who will be blocking, retaining EAs and GAs from entering the school’s premises on Tuesday.’’ said Zetty Makamu.

Makamu’s withdrawal has left many crucifying him. A facebook user by the name of Nyeleti Mathye  wrote ‘’ He must just say he got a bribe’’ while Pam Ndlovukazi Yaka Gajeni wrote ‘’Gwala’’ describing Makamu as a coward.