ZCC Churches to reopen after two year break


The Zion Christian Church (ZCC) will reopen its doors after closing for two-years due to COVID-19. The church members will be permitted back into the church on April 24, 2022, according to a statement issued by the church.

This comes after the church has done rigorous engagements with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the strict compliance of covid-19 regulations. The church will also be adopting measures put in place by government to curb the spread of Covid-19.

ZCC Members will be asked to provide their vaccination certificates or negative covid-19 results that are no more than 72 hours old in order to gain access to the premises. Those who have not been vaccinated will be required to submit a detailed medical report, including the practitioner’s details, detailing the reasons for not being vaccinated. To ensure the strict compliance with covid-19 regulations, the church has had to limit their activities.

No singing will be allowed during church service and the church service will be limited to 45 minutes with only two preachers. In addition, no choirs will be allowed to resume normal activities during this phase of reopening churches. Larger branches will be allowed two Sunday service sessions, one at 14:30 – 15:15 and another at 15:45 – 16:30. Smaller branches will only have a 45-minute service.

The church service for women structures on Wednesdays will be allowed for 45 minutes and above. The only uniform allowed is the green and yellow uniform for Wednesday and Sunday Services.

The tradition of water sprinkling will only be done on the chest and back of the attendees and not on the faces. No physical contact or touching will be allowed during the church services.

Confessions will be held in a designated area at each branch, and sessions will be limited to 15 minutes per person. Regular hand and surface sanitization is required.

The church kraal, which will be used for prophetic consultations, will be plastered and marked to enable social distancing and a limited number of members at a time. During this time, there will be no sharing or exchanging of stationary

The inoculation process will be carried out only when necessary, under rigorous control and observation, and while wearing gloves. The sterilizing of needles after use is mandatory.

All queues will be monitored, and floor markings will be used to guarantee adequate social distancing. Vulnerable groups will be prioritized and given chairs to sit on while queuing.

People who want to be baptized must provide proof of vaccination and covid-19 negative results that are no more than 72 hours old. The number of individuals escorting members being baptized, as well as drivers, must be limited to 20, and must be fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination.

The statement furthermore summons the suspension of activities and closing of all branches that do not comply with the protocols outlined in the statement.

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