Jun 18, 2024

Zambia declares their elections not free and fair

After incidents of violence from three provinces in Zambia, President Edgar Lungu, has announced the presidential and parliamentary elections on Thursday “not free and fair.”

According to Lungu, the Patriotic Front Party that is under his leadership is currently initiating on its next course of action, but the common market for Southern and Eastern Africa, COMESA said it has not come across any irregularities in the Zambia’s presidential election.  Lunga’s number one competitor is Hakainde Hichilema and has been watched closed by Lungu for an early result from the electoral commission.

An observer mission for the polls was sent by the regional bloc and 20% of the constituencies have so far been processed. Efforts made by the Electoral Commission of Zambia, to organizing the 2021 elections regardless of the challenges that came with Covid 19, got commended by the mission. The mission said, say they honour the correspondence and dedication from the commission.

During the voting, isolated reports of violence, were identified by the mission, regardless of the usual calm and peaceful environment they experience during the voting. COMESA has asked for the mission to allow equal chances for all candidates and parties in public media, with the public for elections in the future.

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