May 20, 2024

Zahara’s House Auction Cancelled


A jolly mood from Zahara who shared good news on her house being safe from facing auction. The singer made an announcement alerting her fans that the R350 000 debt requested by the bank, has been paid off.

Fans of the artist are thrilled to hear the news and shared their excitement on knowing the matter is being put to rest after weeks of sorrow from Zahara requesting donations. Zahara and other artist such as Lady Du, too to social media, requesting the public lends a helping hand in donating as little as R100 for the artist after her house was put for auction.

It was alleged that she failed to pay off her bank loan and her property will be placed on auction to cover the R350 000 debt she owed to the bank. The cancelation arrived in time, ahead of auction scheduled for 07 July 2022. A happy Zahara and cheerful fans are ready and supportive for the artist who has gigs lined up with a tight schedule. Since the dilemma, Zahara has been booked, even though she last minute canceled on gigs given.