May 24, 2024

Ungenaphi, Lol | MacGee gets Zahara to open up about her alleged alcohol problem


“Ungenaphi” That’s the vernacular word the South African musician and media personality, Zahara, said throughout the interview she had with MacG.

One could feel the rocky boat everyone in that room was in, caused by Zahara’s response to every question. She recently opened up about her alleged issues with Alcohol abuse speaking on MacG’s podcast, the musician vehemently denied having an addiction and said that her drinking was controlled, she also went on to say that what she drinks or does behind closed doors was nobody’s business.

Speaking on the viral video of her looking intoxicated, Zahara explained that she had only one bottle of wine and it may have been a little too much for her system. She realized that she was too drunk and stopped having anymore liquor. However, a large portion of Zahara’s career has been marred by allegations of alcohol abuse, but the singer has denied being addicted.

According to a report, Zahara only started drinking at the ripe age of 24 years, drinking from a place of stress. Nevertheless, she exclaimed on how it was the media and the allegations that turned looking for solutions at the bottom of the bottle.

“I did not turn to alcohol, you guys turned me to alcohol. Let me tell you something, you don’t even have a picture of me in the club with a glass in my hand. They always say “sources says” so I want to ask who is that source?” said the Loliwe hitmaker Zahara. She went on to say what she does in her house should be her concern.

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