May 28, 2024
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Zahara pleading for donations amid her house repossession


After the award-winning singer Zahara SAMA awards were stolen. The star allegedly took out a loan of R1.9 million for her house in Roodeport, as the bank now wants to put her house on auction after she failed to pay her Nedbank loan instalments.

The Loliwe hitmaker, Bulelwa Mtukwana who just released her latest album, Nqaba Yami, was repeatedly leading headlines for the past few days post a break-in in her house, reported to have stolen and the culprits not found or arrested. Media reports have reported that the bank will soon auction her house which led to Zahara now asking for donations from anyone who can assist, “no matter the amount”.

Lady du is one of the celebrities who stood out and begged for donations on the behalf of Zahara, asking for an amount of R100 from ten thousand people willing to save the afro-pop singers house, over R17k which was not confirmed.    “R100 X 10000 = 1 million, most of us have a million followers. Can we kindly do a R100 challenge for Zahara pleas, she has already lost a lot? If this is true, can we help” the singer seems to be in trouble and miserable lately as it is not the first time, she allegedly failed to pay up the bank loans?

Musa khawula however allegedly accused DJ Sbu and claimed he was the one behind the breaking in and also brought up the allegations of him still having not paid Zahara yet for her contribution to the hit album. The DJ later proposed a lawsuit over Musa for  R1.5 million if he does not put down his allegations. Whilst fans are still confused about the bank repossessing their Star’s townhouse, Zahara revealed on Mac G’s podcast that she bought the house with her royalty money, cash.  Zahara claimed to have preserved that house from 2012 and denied the allegations of her losing her assets over the bank considering the reports made about her in 2019.

According to the Daily sun, Thabo Jama who has worked with the singer is so willing to help her financially as they have been good friends with Zahara and was never mistreated by her. He referred to her as that one celebrity who apparently believed in him when no one else did, was willing to help and feature him yet she offered to help him for free. Zahara also gave out her contact number, 067 037 1750 to people who are willing to help her with donations.