Jun 15, 2024

Youth of Bolobedu, Greater Letaba Municipality in Tzaneen plans a march to municipal offices


Over the years the municipality has been releasing vacant job posts, and residents of local villages that falls under the Greater Letaba Municipality have been urged to apply but none of these applicants has been hired, as a result the residents concluded that those in office at the Municipality are hiring outsiders as a practice of nepotism.

The youth has resulted into organizing a non-political peaceful march to Greater Letaba Municipality, the organizer of this march Mr Ngwako Kgatla has urged people who are willing to take part in the march to carry all their CV’s.

Mr Kgatla has further mentioned that they are going to throw these CVs into the Mayor’s office as a demonstration of how they’re frustrated of being unemployed whilst they are submitting CVs at the Municipality whenever there are vacant posts.

“Our memorandum is clear and simple we want fair bidding and procurement of tenders, we want nepotism to be over, people must be hired on merit not favours and exchange of sex, we want cadre deployment to be over people must be elected to positions they qualify for immaterial of political affiliation, we want corruption to be over’’

Mr Kgatla has further gone to Duiwelskloof to negotiate with Bolobedu Local Taxi Association (BALTA) and Mathole Bus Services (MBS) to deport them to the Municipal Offices.

“We will then proceed to the local police station to ask for permission so that our march can be legal.” said Kgatla in conclusion. The march is schedule for 25 October 2021.

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