May 28, 2024

Youth Day June 16 | Celebrating Education Means Celebrating Unemployment


Dear youth, are you able to find joy in celebrating youth day? How do you handle the pain of being a graduate with no chance of employment? Is education still the key to success, and if so then why is the door still locked when we hold the key?

Who do we blame for the situation we find ourselves in, a situation where all our academic lives we were told to remember how Hector Peterson died, what he was fighting for, along with the rest of the youth who bravely dedicated their lives for us the youth of today, to have the right to education and to reap the fruit of education.

But, was that fruit, us furthering our education only to let them gather dust in the cupboard, the fruits to sit and watch as stats indicate the rise in unemployment rate. What were they fighting for, would they be happy to see that the government is failing the youth of South Africa, more especially the black female youth of the country. Yes we are mothers but we are educated mothers.

How do we define June 16 to our children when already the significance of education can not be portrayed or be described, seeing that the youth of today is not benefitting from being educated and furthering their studies. Is education a scam in South Africa? Why is education the key to success but we are still unemployed and poor while holding the key.

They said we are lazy to work, but can they answer to why our emails and messages are filled with “We regret to inform you that…..” ?

Yes we can work on creating jobs ourselves and hire, but can that be doable in a short space of time? The question should be. Why is the youth unemployed and poor, even when they hold qualifications?