May 24, 2024

Young Women In Business: Meet Founder Of Summer Tropical Juice Buli Nhlengethwa


“100% Refreshing, 100% Delicious and 100% Fruity!! Your Fountain of thirst!” That’s how the young and beautiful Buli Nhlengethwa describes her summer tropical juice.

Businesses are being developed on a daily basis, and what got us patting our shoulders is the fact that many of these businesses belong to women. Buli Nhlengethwa is a co-founder of a successful family business that was started by her late father who preferred juice over everything. Buli managed to carry on the company with her two sisters whom they all had the love for fruits and curiosity of how a simple fruit can actually be turned into a drinkable beverage.

Here we see a business that has a very strong foundation, a foundation that was built on support from family that believes support is key. “My siblings and my parents have always been my pillars in everything I do, I do not think I would be this far without their support and knowledge.” She expressed.

Buli is a qualified management accountant by profession and a passionate business woman. She has been with the banking industry throughout her career as a Finance Manager. The skills she acquired while working as a finance manager, has helped Summer Tropical reach the level of growth they see today, skills like stakeholder management, finance planning & management, customer service and professionalism, have come in handy for her.

Her interested in business was born from selling sweets and brownies in primary, although many at times, her friends would not pay. It has been six years since Summer Tropical was born, for years it was just a 20% juice with no name, that her father made and it was only in 2019 when she left her job to give the business her full-time attention and rebrand the juice, along with her two sisters. Buli believes in working with a team, as an extra pair of eyes is ideal in the business industry, she says that has helped her keep the ship afloat.

Born from a very religious and strict family and father being an active pastor, alcohol was never an option for her. She has never been a fan of fizzy and energy drinks for health reasons and that’s why juice has and will always be number one for her. The business came across challenges as one would expect, their main challenge was finance and logistics.

She mentioned how trying to find funding from the government has been a hassle and has not managed to get help but for some reason, she managed to grow strong and keep going. It was a bumpy road for her and the sisters but it is safe to say, their aim and dreams, are what kept them pushing until Summer Tropical juice saw its way to the shelves.

With Covid 19 having a negative impact, Summer Tropical found a window for improvement  and believe you, Buli has her sleeves rolled up and ready to close the gap and is currently working on another business, also summer related. Unfortunately she could not reveal details about the new business venture as of yet.

Buli is currently the owner and director of summer tropical news, she is captaining the ship solo as her sisters ended up venturing in other businesses and yet again for the love of juice, she persistently carried on the business alone and is happy with how the journey has been and where its taking her to.

Her advice to anyone who aim to start a business is, “DREAM!! And Dream Big!! Do not allow your dreams to scare you. Have a vision and a plan and go for it! Only you can see your vision – It’s your calling after all and not a conference call.”

Currently they offer 4 flavours in their 100% range; Cranberry, Orange, Apple and Fruit Medley; and 3 in the 40% blend range; Tropical Punch, Mango & Orange and Peach & Apricot. She has promised that they will definitely be offering new flavours in no time. Customers can order via Calls, Email, WhatsApp and via the Website.

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