Jun 22, 2024

Young woman from Ga-Matipane in Bolobedu, Tzaneen helps the SAPS catch the most wanted culprit.


On Wednesday afternoon a man known as Pontsho Sebola from Ga-Matshwi village was arrested in Tembisa for a hijacking that happened on Sunday evening at Kheshokholwe, Pontsho is also well known of terrorising communities around Bolobedu.

The owner of the hijacked car is believed to have asked for help from the culprit and his compatriots, as his car had broken down and needed to be towed from Keshokholwe to Madumeleng. The Culprits towed the owner’s car to Matshwi’s dam and held the owner at gunpoint asking for his bank account pin, the owner gave the culprits a wrong pin which resulted in him being tied and left in the bush.

The culprits drove off with the car which was later found by the Police on Monday just outside Tzaneen CBD in the bush with the battery, wheels, keys, and car papers missing. Amongst the culprits only Pontsho was identified by the victim. After this criminal offence he was believed to have fled to Tembisa where he got arrested. Chunnicah Maimela who is related to the victim, is the one who helped the Police catch the culprit as she is close to Pontsho.

“Immediately when I heard about the news from my mother on Tuesday, I called Pontsho and asked him to visit me, he agreed and I went to Mega mart Mall with my friend Tumelo Rasekgololo to meet Pontsho halfway upon his arrival, I had tipped off the police of Ivory Park Station that I am with the culprit, they kept on saying they are coming as they are waiting for backup for 3 hours as they regarded Pontsho as a dangerous man.”

“I later decided on calling a police officer I know from home, by the name of Tshwarelo Mabulana who works at Midrand Police Station. Tshwarelo had knocked off from work, but as someone serving the SAPS badge, he showed up and arrested the culprit.” said Maimela.

The young woman has been receiving appraisals on social media and through phone calls from police officers and chiefs around her region. She’s also been promised a reward money for her heroics. The culprit is believed to be a wanted man due to countless criminal offences committed. The SAPS from Bolobedu is set to fetch him from Gauteng to Limpopo today.

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