Jul 20, 2024

Young man terrorizing girlfriend’s grandparents in Marapyane village | Marapyane police Useless when it comes to enforcing the law?


A young lady from Marapyane village in Mpumalanga province took to social media on Friday to express her sorrows of how her niece’s boyfriend Katlego Skwala, has been terrorizing her parents for the past few years.

The lady pleaded for help from Marapyane community and the police to  keep Skwala away from her parents for their safety as the mother already obtained protection order against the niece’s boyfriend but Marapyane police station doesn’t seem to take the matter serious and protect the senior citizens.

She said “This guy is harassing my parents I’m tired of receiving calls early in the morning from my mother concerning this guy.”

Apparently the crazy boyfriend claims to have contributed financially to the building of the grandparents stop-nonsense which the young lady refutes “Marapyane buildit can attest to that since I paid for the material using EFT. ”

Katlego has been abusing the young girlfriend both emotionally and physically, the young girlfriend’s father has tried to get her to breakup with Katlego and open police case, but she refused.

According to the young girlfriend’s friends the young girl is afraid to break-up with Skwala because he threatened to kill her, if she does leave him.

The young lady again took to social media to thank those who assisted her family during the time of need as they managed to open a case against Skwala, hoping this will keep him far away from her parents and ensure their safety.


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