Jun 18, 2024

You Want Petrol? Hand Over Your Car Keys


An unknown petrol station puts up a new rule due to the rise of crime at the station. “All customers need to hand over the car key to the petrol attendant during filling. Due to the raising in runaway customers.” It read

There have been reports of motorists fleeing when it’s time to pay, affecting the pockets of petrol attendants who at the end of the day have to pay. Although it would sound hilarious when told has a story, the disadvantage is greater.

The station saw fit to come with a solution and the only way to get people to pay, is to take your key before filling. Motorists who find running away as wrong, say as motorists who understand the importance of having a job and finance, they suggest paying before filling.

They opened a discussion to say for their safety as well, from high jacking and other small issues such as loosing the keys, they suggest paying before hand instead of exchanging keys. Recently, it was reported a woman speeded out of a petrol station without paying, and mzansi chipped in to pay off the money after hearing the petrol attendant had to pay it from his pocket. Motorists say drivers should get used to tipping petrol attendants and not exploit them to pay for such criminal activity.