May 24, 2024

WOMEN’S MONTH: Meet Betra Malema, helping the less fortunate at rural schools.

WOMEN’S MONTH: Meet Betra Malema

Betra Malema, a 21 year old second year Civil Engineering student at Capricorn College, born and raised in the small township of Mookgophong just outside Polokwane, is a young woman with the drive to help the less fortunate.

Malema well known for multiple talents,  she is a musician and a model but greatly known to be a giver to the needy, focusing on girls with her Donate A Pad (DAP) foundation. In August 2020, Malema started a sanitary pads drive after she spent the first 3 months of lockdown at her grandmother’s village, Ga-Mochemi Bochum.

She got to experience what it’s like to be a girl in the rural areas, as there’s lack of running water and a walking distance to shops.  “I remember walking 2 hours to the shops just to buy pads because I didn’t have any at home and I was already on periods, it got me thinking about all the other girls who face the same situation every month.” said Malema

With the experience she came across while visiting her grandmother in the rural areas, Malema saw the need to not just sit a watch but to be the change the village needs. The 21 year old donated sanitary pads to two rural schools namely Seiphi Secondary School and Masopha High School. Her focus was not only on the need of pads for girls in that village. On her birthday Malema donated school uniforms to the less fortunate primary school learners around the area. She also uses her modelling career to grow her drive and help spread the word.

“I want to empower young people and make them confident enough to believe in themselves.’’  said Malema

The founder of DAP started modelling in 2016, being mentored by the best, George Khoza her late brother.  she added on to say Khoza taught her that living a life of principles and services are the best way to live. “I never thought I’d be a model up until someone encouraged me to enter a competition and without any doubt I entered ,unfortunately I didn’t win  but the whole experience was fun it made me grow a little confidence’’ said Malema

She later entered multiple competitions one of them being the Miss Mookgophong modelling competition in 2017 and came out victorious got crowned ‘Miss Mookgophong, took the queen title for Miss Timothy Mootane Foundation in 2020/21. And by then she knew she would give back to the community as she mentioned that their primary purpose as models is to give back.

During her reign as Miss Mookgophong, Malema started to fall in love more and more for giving back to the less fortunate. She started a uniform initiative program, offering the disadvantaged children school uniform, led a fun walk in celebration of women’s day, organized a talent showcase for 16 June in 2018 and donated sanitizers after the outbreak of Covid19, to mention a few.

Malema recently won the Miss Photogenic award and Miss Dream Chaser South Africa finalist 2021. The Miss photogenic winner also took part in the Mathosa Foundation DAP (Donate A Pad) drive on Mandela Day. She supports 16 Days of Women and Children Abuse,  under Isibindi Youth Care Centre.

Her music career is not yet where she wants it to be, she started recording music in 2016 and has since collaborated with various artist in Mookgophong and Modimolle. She recently released her singles; Mine, Rebel and Mamela, she ventures in many musical genres allowing her to win the best female artist award. She has performed on many stages in Limpopo performing her articles but says her modelling tops it all.

Betra Malema lives for change, a great example that things won’t just change but change should be permanent. “Humility and unity is power. With every act of kindness, a life is transformed.” she said. Her goal is to drive a positive change program that ensures people have a fair chance to enjoy school while preserving their dignity as well.

To get hold of Betra Malema regarding her foundations please contact her on her social media platforms @Betra Malema on Facebook and Instagram

WOMEN’S MONTH: Meet Betra Malema

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