Jul 20, 2024

Women in business to own their crowns in tonight’s #SheMeansBusiness virtual workshop

Women in business

The greatness of women in the informal trade sector continues to blossom beyond the Covid-19 pandemic pandemonium.

Women continue to play vital roles in society through the impactful work they do in their businesses, place of work and even NPOs. Women entrepreneurs are resilient and are already identifying ways to adapt and diversify their businesses to get through the pandemic.

With the effort of empowering and glorifying women in business, the South African Informal Trader Alliance in partnership with SIYAFUNDA CTC will on Thursday evening, host a free virtual workshop under the theme #SheMeansBusiness.

“The workshop is designed to help entrepreneurial or business/oriented women to connect and exchange knowledge that will help them grow their businesses on social media,” said SAITA in a Facebook post.

There are more women in the informal trade sector in South Africa than men, according to previous reports by Statistics South Africa.

Meanwhile, August is Women’s Month, and commemorations are held in honor of the tens of thousands that marched in 1956. It’s also a nod to the country’s early women’s rights activists, dating back to 1913.

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