Jul 20, 2024

Women Bathed by “Man of God” for 2022 Crossover


An unknown Ghananian church had social media furious with their “ungodly deed” after a video clip of two men bathing women in a bucket in the name of a crossover service.

Normally a number of churches do open on 31 December for a crossover service where church members conduct an all night prayer. An unknown church was trending with a video clip of two men bathing women in a bucket all in the name of a crossover delivery service.

While observing the clip, the church is filled up with women chanting ‘Amen’ every time the pastor speak in a none international language. The women are seen heading to the pastor who is sitted on a white long couch next to a bucket filled with water, one after the other.

Before getting into the bath (bucket) they are ordered to undress, and in a naked form, sit inside the bucket and the pastor will with his hands bath the women, speaking in a None international language the congregation, believed to be filled with women only scream ‘Amen’ throughout.

From being given a bath by the pastor, one heads over to the next male individual seated on the same couch also not far from the bucket, applies what looks to be a protellium jelly applying lotion on the women after give them a towel to cover up.

The second individual is also not as decent as he gets in contact inappropriately, reaching the thighs too close to the ladies private area, before moving on to the third individual not clearly visible on the video, who gives the women back their underwears.

The video trending got many furious, even writing down a prayer request, asking God to come and take his servants who happen to be misbehaving. Jaws were left on the ground with female counterparts questioning the mental stability of the women on the video.

The name of the church and the language spoken, is still unknown to Africa Newz.