May 20, 2024
News Technology

With constant fuel hikes, Is it time to buy a Tesla Car? Ohhh Loadshedding


It cost about R123.00 to charge a Tesla model 3 car, considering the constant fuel hikes is it time for motorists to buy electric cars? Electric cars are popular in Europe and America, with 81% electrical cars being found in Norway, the world is moving to green energy and Africa is being left behind.

With Constant loadshedding problem in South AFrica having an electric car might seem to be difficult, as motorists are likely to experienced charging problems, South Africa’s loadshedding take about 2 hours to 4 hours constantly every week. Cheapest Telsa car costs about R800k same price as a Golf 8.

Fuel costs about R24.00 a litre in South Africa at the moment with a possible hike in July, fuel price can cost over R30.00. Motorists are already feeling a dent in their pockets, alternative options like electric cars can come handy, to have multiple options. Problem is that South Africa still have energy issues that will need to be resolved for other options to be a possibility.