May 27, 2024

Winter Nightmare | Electricity scam on the rise

Electricity scammers

The cold has arrived, the need to use the heater all day, has arrived, so has the R200 electricity scammers. Electricity prices have gone up, leaving users tempted to purchase the illegal electricity token.

It seems as though at this moment, Facebook is the headquarters where scammers bench and prey on the vulnerable to rip them off their R200 and demand more on top of the R200, by telling you, you are ought to register your meter number first. These scammers have a way of making everything look profesional and real, including date and time.

*BE AWARE* Electricity Scammers. Use the following ways to scam.
They advertise on Facebook and Whatsapp. and then communicate with you via cellphone Calls on Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.
They promised you cheap electricity units, for example R300 for 1299 Units.
They will try and prove to you that it is legit by, for example asking for your meter number.
They ask what amount you whant to buy for, then send you a Foto of the slip they just got for you, They have ways to manipulate the foto or the slip to reflect your meter number, FAKE token number, and Other details.
Then they will start demanding payment before they send the full token number on the slip to you.
When you do pay, he will send the voucher number that will never work.
They will sometimes even fool you by trying to assist to get the token working. By then telling you, that the municipality says your meter is blocked, and it will cost you another R200 or so to get it unblocked, Then you lose again as will never work.”

Illegal Electricity scam