May 24, 2024

Why should we vote? | Voting Opinion


Voting is a simple procedure that ensures the functioning of a country’s governmental system. It allows citizens to vote for their government.

It also gives citizens the opportunity to choose who will represent them in government. Every government’s job is to create and implement diverse policies that benefit its citizens. When it comes to politics, your vote is your voice, and it’s critical to make your voice known in South Africa.

Every citizen should vote because every vote count, and even a single vote can help your preferred party get a seat in parliament. Voting is also a fantastic method to let candidates in office know how you feel about their performance, policies, and management of the government. Politicians must highlight specific issues that many residents encounter for them to be addressed.

The right to vote is one of the most significant and crucial aspects of democracy in the Republic of South Africa, and as a citizen, you must not miss out on the opportunity to demonstrate it.

When you’re in South Africa during presidential election season, you’re overwhelmed with political campaign coverage on television, radio, and social media. Most people believe that their vote has no impact in South Africa, yet this is completely false because every vote increases the percentage of votes cast.

“In comparison to 2014, the EFF won more seats in the 2019 election than any other party.” Your vote is private because what you do in the privacy of the voting booth is likely only known to you, and voting allows you to have your voice heard or contributes to policymaking.

You can’t complain about things that will happen in the next five years if you don’t vote. “If you vote for dishonest and incompetent individuals into government who screw everything up, and you are responsible for what they do, you caused the problem by electing them, and you have no right to complain.” If your vote counts, it’s critical to pick the right candidate in an election so you’re happy with the outcome.

South African voters must understand and educate themselves on the topic of voting to the point where they are well-educated enough to make informed decisions on various matters. We South Africans have a bad habit of not investing the time required to make an informed decision on which candidate to support.

According to, “voting is the most important way to ensure that your voice is heard on the issues that concern you; voting gives you the opportunity to participate in decision-making that affects your life; if you don’t vote, others will make decisions for you,” and “decisions are made on your behalf every day on healthcare, education, housing, global issues such as defense and the environment, and local issues.”

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