Apr 18, 2024

WHO encourages people to vaccinate mostly in Africa.


World Health Organisation (WHO) says there are equity concerns when it comes to vaccines, mostly in the African countries where access to vaccine has not been made easy to have access to.

The organisation has from day one took charge of Covid-19 since its first outbreak or discovery and till to this date pledge to continue fighting the virus for life to go back to the way it used to be. As of recent, a new variant was detected which the SA government and scientists say it is of worrying factor.

However, during the family meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa, he mentioned the virus is still deadly but the battle to beat the virus will be on if everyone vaccinates and follow the precautions placed to prevent the spread. On Monday, the Minister of Health Joe Phahla told the public to not panic as the country is well prepared and ready for any uncertainty.

WHO say they are working day and night to ensure that everyone gets vaccinate and that governments worldwide, work twice as hard to provide vaccination to all sectors including the poor sector of the country which mainly consist of people who do not have access to information regarding the virus, the new variant and vaccination rollouts.

They further added on to say with kind of measures and preparation they have placed for government to comply with the restrictions, a lockdown is the last resort and somehow unnecessary at the moment but urged people to not take the virus lightly or that may lead to a lockdown.

WHO expressed their distress in over 100 countries in Africa being behind in reaching vaccination target. They say if this does not improve, it takes plans steps back. Ramaphosa has mentioned futhur reports will be sent out as they are currently monitoring the variant, to determine if lockdown restrictions will change. South Africa is still under lockdown level 1, day 616