When days are dark blame Eskom not friends


Loadshedding killing everyone’s vibe, most especially those get together moments with friends. If going out with friends or chilling was a thing, now call it a thing of the past because Loadshedding is here to stay.

If you can’t afford to install some solar lights or buy enough rechargeable lights, better cancel that party you had planned. Remote jobs are on the line with three power cuts in one day, causing a huge delay on network for those who do not use WiFi that require plugging.

To balance work under Loadshedding, one needs to make use of the Loadshedding schedule, to avoid surprise blackouts. The power cuts come in stages and depending on the stage for the day, it will determine when the power will be cut making cramming impossible. The inconvenient effect Loadshedding has on everyone, is very hight.

Businesses are being affected, including everyone’s daily living with having to change certain lifestyle to meet the current state of power cuts, like cooking at 22:00pm when you get home at 20:00 to find there’s no power or living off take aways which is a setback to your wallet.

They say “when days are dark friends are few” but in South Africa it’s only when days are dark that we realize the friends ain’t to blame but Eskom that keeps turning on and off.

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