May 27, 2024
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What’s new on the R350 SRD payments

sassa R350

The minister of Social development Lindiwe Zulu in the previous month informed the public on data and digital infrastructure that were being used to process applications and verifications. “Our system for checking whether people deserve this money is in place, hence we ask them to reapply.

“We are also working with the department of economic development and small and medium enterprises, because we believe the next big thing we must focus on is to empower informal businesses and small and medium enterprises.” said Zulu

Latest reports say payments for the new cycle of the R350 SRD grant will be made from mid-June to beneficiaries who made reapplications. Sassa states the new cycle is from the month of April after the grant was moved to the Social Assistance Act, post the end of the national state of disaster. The organisation has not yet paid beneficiaries for April and May.

“Sassa will continue clearing outstanding payments from the previous cycle as and when the bank details are confirmed, more than one payment may be made in a month, but no-one will receive double payments.”

sassa SRD R350