May 27, 2024

“What he has confirmed is that it’s not a natural death that’s taken place” Police Minister clarifies

Bheki Cele

Police Minister Bheki Cele has confirmed that the 21 Teens whose bodies were found at Enyobeni tavern in East London did not die from natural causes.

Cele visited the crime scene on Sunday where nine girls and 12 boys between 13 and 17 were found dead at the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park. “I don’t know if we can say what happened, for now, I did ask the person who’s leading the autopsy, Dr. Zondi and he says they are collecting the information that can tell us the situation. What he has confirmed is that it’s not a natural death that’s taken place” Cele said.

This after the Police Minister visited the place and broke down in tears after emerging from a morgue where the bodies were being stored and described the crime scene as terrible.

Cele ruled out a stampede as a possible cause of death.”The theory of stampede is fading off as there are other theories that I imagine but it looks like those scientific theories. So I’m not qualified to talk until I’m told exactly what happened. “He said

A forensic team from the Pretoria and provincial offices to investigate the causes of deaths has been deployed. “We’ve taken a few more samples to toxicology to Cape Town which we’ve been advised will take a longer time but we’ll try to make sure Cape Town helps us on that. We were confident but everyone will be identified.” Cele added

According to the tavern’s Facebook page, an all-black-themed party celebrating two birthdays was hosted on Saturday. On Sunday morning, at about 04:00, the Scenery Park police station received reports of lifeless bodies in the tavern police found 17 bodies inside the building. It was later established two more died at a local clinic, one died on route to hospital, and another died in hospital.

Anyone who might have information regarding what might have transpired was asked to contact the police and share information on the Crime Stop number – 08600 10111.