Jun 18, 2024

What an Expensive Collision That Is


Have you witnessed a collision between a taxi and a Lamborghini? Better yet have you by any chance imagined it ever happening? Well now imagine this, driving a Lamborghini and hit by a taxi. How would you feel, what do you think your insurer would say.

One of the most “expensive” collision took place in the recent and as it is known how Mzansi joke about everything, they labelled the vehicle accident between the taxi and the Lamborghini as expensive. Funny enough all the blame was shifted to the taxi driver as it is commonly known the kind of  driving reputation they carry on the road. Jokes thrown left right and centre with comments like the insurance would say “you got into an accident with who?” and “it would have been better if it was a quantum this one sure didnt have brakes.

It was unclear on the shared clip if whether or not the taxi carried passengers. The scene brought the road onto a stand still with pictures and videos taken by witnesses who later took it to social media where the online judges labelled the taxi as fault.