Apr 18, 2024

Western Cape Man found in possession of illicit diamonds worth R1.2 Million


The South African Police Service in the Western Cape released a statement on Friday, 15 October 2021, confirming the arrest of a 39-year-old man found in possession of illicit diamonds worth an estimated street value of R1.2 Million in Worcester, Western Cape.

The SAPS revealed that an Anti-gang unit deployed in the “picturesque” Boland Town in the Western Cape on Friday, in a bid to curb the ongoing gang violence in the area, received a tip-off about an unknown male who was on his way to finalise a diamond exchange deal with a local taxi driver.


“When the police spotted the man who fitted the description, they followed him until they approached and searched him, upon which they found him in possession of diamonds with an estimated street value R1.2 Million,” the SAPS said in a statement.

The SAPS further revealed that once the 39-year old man has been charged he will be expected to appear in the Worcester Magistrate Court on a charge of possession of illicit diamonds.

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