Jun 18, 2024
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Wesley Snipes | Fans Disturbed with Appearance

Wesley snipes

Wesley Snipes outfit and overall appearance sparked concerns from fans. The 59 year old actor rocked shorts at the Oscars 2022 awards, an outfit not so easy to describe.

Apart from the outfit, his fans say the actor looks to be not in good health, they are shocked with how he looks different from his last images. This came as a reminder to them about Chadwick Boseman of Black Panther, when he appeared at the award ceremony and fans questioned his weight loss.

It was later discovered that Boseman was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that led to his passing, just before Black Panther 2 was made. Wesley snipes fans are now concerned if whether the 59 year old also has health related issues not made known to the public. However no confirmation has been made by him or any of his close friends and family, which could be possible the weight loss is due to ageing.

Snipes hit the red carpet in a silk burgundy suit, the suit went slightly moving away from the traditional suit. It was a knee short and legging kind accompanied by a fashionable cloth on the front and black shiny shoes to match the silky outfit. Known to love dark shades, he took them off while posing for the red carpets photographers.

He later took the stage with his White Men Can’t Jump co-stars Rosie Perez and Woody Harrelson during the 2022 Oscars ceremony. The Blade star is loved for his voice, speed and karate moves, not forgetting facial expression, most especially when he takes the shades off. He also recently co starred with Kevin Hart on Back on the strip, the release date is set for 23 June 2022.