May 24, 2024

WEATHER UPDATE: Intense polar front expected for Gauteng this weekend


A precise intense polar front is expected for Gauteng this weekend as the temperature drops.

With only a few days left till spring is here, there seems to be no sign of blooming flowers as cloudy, cold, and wet weather continues to lash other parts of SA with freezing levels on Saturday, 28 August 2021

On Thursday cold to cold conditions made a downfall in the Western Cape before moving to other parts of the country and dominating most of the interior of the country. South Africans can expect a gradual clearing in the weather conditions, combined with a consistent recovery in daily daytime temperatures from Monday onwards.

Temperatures expected for Johannesburg:

  • Thursday 10|26°C 20%WINDY
  • Friday 10|26°C10%
  • Saturday 3|15°C23%
  • Sunday 1|15°C10%
  • Monday 3|18°C

Temperatures expected for Pretoria:

  • Thursday 12|28°C 15%WINDY
  • Friday 12|28°C10%
  • Saturday 5|18°C26%
  • Sunday 3|17°C10%
  • Monday 5|20°C

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