Jun 18, 2024

Vusi Nova’s new name has Mzansi talking


South African Musician, Vusi Nova, has reportedly changed his stage name from Vusi Nova to Snova in anticipation of his Amapiano song “Shuku-Shuku” to be released on Friday.

The Artist’s new name has received mixed reactions from South Africans with some seemingly warming up to it. “As long as Vusi Nova is happy guys. He can be Snova, Lova, Over – Nomakanjani naninina…Aren’t we trying to survive?”, ” I hope Vusi Nova & SNova co exist like Maphorisa le Madumane or DJ Sbu le Mzekezeke or ANC le corruption”, “Snova??**. This is the most hood name I’ve heard in a while”, read some of the tweets.

Somehow Somizi Mhlongo’s name got dragged into the conversation with some tweeps hilariously speculating that the ” S” in the name stands for Somizi with the closeness between the two leading to speculations on social media that they may be dating.

“Ngathi the ” S” on Snova stands for Somizi but ke Asidlule lapho”, “it was SomHale now its Snova that S on Somizi is very powerful, look what [is] happening to Vusi Nova”, ” SNova,,Somizi Nova**what if…”, read some of the tweets.

The artist has since come forward to clarify that his new name ‘Snova’ is just his Amapiano alter ego.

Vusi Nova AKA ‘Snova’ will be dropping his debut Amapiano song “ShukuShuku” 19 November 2021.