Jul 20, 2024

Vusi Nova | Fans Wait for Snova to Console Mzansi

vusi nova

Vusi Nova who now goes by the name Snova the Black Panther, is clearly rocking the new look, slaying one day at a time. Fans await for him to console with his music, the hearts of Mzansi through these times of agony.

Snova revealed not long ago that he is now moving from giving you the best love songs, to Amapiano with a Gothy look, including black painted nails. The hit maker is taking the change one day at a time, with Mzansi also slowly but surely accepting him.

Still active on social media, fans are waiting for their all time favourite to release a single. A lot has been happening in SA and the death of many celebrity personnel one after the other has depressed the minds and hearts of fans with expectations. His followers are hoping he will once again comfort the country just as he did during Covid-19 scare, when he producedYibanathi with Dumi.

Fans are hoping in these tough times of trying to accept the death of Ricky Ricky After DJ City Lyts with now DJ Dimples following, Snova will again produce a hit that will emotionally link the country as one in mourning the sudden deaths of celebrities with huge followings and fans.