Jul 21, 2024

Video of a woman giving birth to a frog shakes Mzansi.


A live video of a frog coming out of a woman’s vagina shakes mzansi, the video was captured on camera whereby a living frog was pulled out of the woman’s vagina. The video went viral on Thursday the 28th of October 2021 and this video left many shocked and became a hot topic on social media.

The video left many with questions on how the frog ended up in the vagina. It is alleged that the woman was complaining about abdominal and it  was her boyfriend who helped her pull out the frog. Some social media users assumed that the woman was sleeping with rich men or slept with a married man which resulted in her being bewitched by the wife of the married man.

A Facebook user by the name of Kalahari William posted “My fellow South Africans the video you saw of a frog beign taken out of someone’s vjj has nothing to do with Witchcraft! It is a fertility ritual practised in Ethiopia, they use fertitlity frogs but mostly fertility snakes they believe cure infertility! Learned this back in 2009 from one of my friends in Ethiopia . I learned that there are parts of Africa that perform this ritual as well ! So akhomntu ocithiweyo ngu K wakhe, siyekeni iscitho asenzanga nto kule game”

For many cultures such as ancient Egypt frogs are a symbol of feritility, water, renewal and rebirth. Frogs were also a symbol of a midwife goddess Heqit who ruled conception and birth, Egyptian women often wore metal amulets in the form of frogs to enlist her good favours. According to “Learn Religions”  frogs are also associated with predicting weather, curing warts, preventing epileptic seizures etc.