Jun 15, 2024

Vha-Venda King Regent is Chosen


The battle is far from over for the Vha-Venda kingship, on 01 March 2022, the regent was chosen by the committee and elders within the chieftaincy.

The regent chosen is ‘Japan’ David Mphephu Ramabulana whom has been the adviser and a brother to the late King Patric Ramaano Ramabulana, the father to Toni Mphephu Ramabulana who was dethroned as Vha-Venda King in September 2021 based on that he was given the position without following the rightful procedure.

The regent chosen was a choice because he has been an honest regent and experienced enough within the chieftaincy work and also believed to bring stability to all the drama that was happening, in fighting for who’s suppose to be the king or not.

Japan will be a regent in the mean time while other formality will need to be followed and be responded too on whose going to be the next king. Therefore, it is up to the family to solve the matter outside the court or within the court.

When it comes to the princess Masindi Ramabulana whom it was believed to being suitable for the crown which was given to Toni, the spokes person Ntsieni Netshitomboni of Masindi foundation have dire faith that the princess will be the next ruler as the throne is suitable for her.

it’s all up to the family to meet together on deciding on who’s to be the next king without involving the court.

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