Apr 16, 2024

Astonishing | Do you feel safer because you are vaccinated?


Getting vaccinated has been a walk in the park for many, while some are still sceptical to even think of it. Social media has been quarrying with debates on covid-19 vaccine, on whether one should get vaccinated or not.

In the outer parts of the world, covid -19 seems to not be as bad as seen in Africa. A survey asking “Do you feel safer because you vaccinated?” made rounds and people had plenty to say. According to the answers it is clear that people are opting for vaccination without a doubt, after they have come to know close members who contracted and died from the virus, while on the other hand the sceptical group has provided their own reasoning.

We found Amanda Sargent, a school teacher from London who took the vaccine. She says she feels safe after taking the vaccines because she is a teacher who takes public transport to work every day and that on her way, “social distancing is just a thing we have to say we are doing but yeah whatever…”.

What was gathered from the questionnaire, is that people still say they are not well informed as to why taking the vaccine is really recommended   and the significant role the vaccine does entail when it comes to the virus. Truman Thomas says, “I’m not vaccinated, I’ve been isolated since the year before the supposed outbreak started.” Lisa Mueller says, “No, and I was right not to. I am a high risk for a number of health reasons.”

The survey has also identified personnel who still do not understand why we ought to vaccinate but they do it for the sake of not being left behind. We found Michael Wellen, who says, “I got the vaccine mostly because I didn’t want to be on the list of people who didn’t get vaccinated.”

Governments have placed restrictions for those who have not vaccinated. In the United Stated, you cannot enter a club without providing proof that you have taken the vaccine, while in South Africa they say “No Vaccine No Alcohol.” It has been over a year, heading to two, since the virus has been reported, with daily new cases and deaths. The health department worldwide are urging people to get vaccinated to lower the risks of the virus.

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